My name is Jalolliddin, I am

specializing in Software Engineering

I am a senior professor at the Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent. My primary research interests include formal verification of security policies in automated network orchestration. My other research interests include (mathematical) modeling, cyber physical systems, IoT and cloud computing systems. 



Vice-Rector for Financial-Economic Issues and Innovations (Currently)

Turin Polytechnic University in TashkentAug 2023 – Present  Uzbekistan

Digital Learning Management Administrator (Currently)

European Medical University

June 2021 – Present  UzbekistanResponsibilities include:

Head of the Academic and Research Department

Turin Polytechnic University in TashkentApr 2020 – 2023  UzbekistanResponsibilities include:

Visiting Researcher

EURECOMMar 2018 – Sep 2018  FranceTo continue research activities in EURECOM labs and have interactions with faculty and the graduate students.

Research And Teaching Assistant


JV “Uz-Tong Hong Co.”Jun 2013 – Dec 2013  UzbekistanThe purpose of the programme is to get training with a solid technical base, specific knowledge of international marketing and sales issues and a proactive managerial approach at the factory specialised on production automobile seats.

Network Administrator


17 Little Ring Road, 100095, Almazar, Tashkent, Uzbekistan